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SA-Y04H Home Security 4 Channel Real-time Playback CCTV P2P AHD DVR

SA-Y04H Home Security 4 Channel Real-time Playback CCTV P2P AHD DVR

WODSEE is one of the best sa-y04h home security 4 channel real-time playback cctv p2p ahd dvr manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.SA-Y04H Home security 4 channel...

Product Details

SA-Y04H Home security 4 channel real-time playback cctv p2p ahd dvr


SUPPORT: 4CH 720P AHD Camera, or 2ch 720P AHD Camera and 2ch 960H camera


SUPPORT: Cloud technology (P2P)                      

H.264 dual-stream video compression 


Support HD video signal recording, storage, playback and transport

HDD: 1*4TB 




Video compression


Operating system

Embedded Linux


Video input

Pure Analog:4*720P;4*D1; Mixed:2*D1(analog)+1*720P(network); Pure Network:1*1080P;1*720P+3*D1

BNC output

1@CVBS(1Vp-p 75Ω)

VGA output

VGA×1:1280*1024, 1024*768, 1280*720

HDMI output

HDMI×1:1280*1024, 1024*768, 1280*720

Preview screen



Audio input


Audio output

RAC×1  200-2000mv1kΩ

Recording and Playback

Recording resolution


Record mode

Manual>alarm>motion detection>timing




support the synchronization of audio and video recording

Playback channels

1 channel

Playback mode

According to the time of retrieval


Alarm equipment


Alarm type

Motion detection, video lost alarm, failure alarm, lack of hard disk space warning

Network interface

RJ45 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet port




Support web browser, CMS, monitoring, management and playback

Mobile monitoring

Support iPhone&Android


SATA×1  ≤2TB

PTZ control

1 RS485, support multiple PTZ protocols



Authority management

Support add, modify, delete users, set permissions for users






Operating Conditions

-10 °C ~ 55 °C Humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)

Power Consumption

Max. 7 W (without HDD)


1.We are new in this industry,can you recommend me some items?

Yes,of course,our experience sales are pleased to help you with it.

2.Some industry requirements for video storage time.

Different industries have different requirements on the video storage time, some need 1-2 days, some need 30 days. The same for the public security industry, different regions for the storage time is not the same, so the Ministry of Public Security for this time in the "urban monitoring alarm network system through technical requirements" to make a unified specification: more than 15 days. Some insurance companies in the country to make a unified specification: more than 7 days. The above time requirement is only used as a reference for business promotion, and it is also necessary to decide according to the business needs and economic capacity of the end user.

3.What is the characteristic of data transmission in network video surveillance system?

Network video surveillance system data flow is large, high real-time requirements. Generally single 25 frames / sec CIF format image stream size of about 384Kbps; single 25 frames / sec DI format image stream size of 384-1500Kbps, the average stream is 900Kbps, single 25 frames / second 720P format Image stream size of 1500-2500Kbps, the average bit stream for the 2000Kbps; In different industries, the user for the required image real-time, fluency requirements are different, according to the actual situation and specific problems.

4.How to do the network video surveillance system for network broadband plan?

The network video surveillance system network can be divided into three parts: front-end, the central service platform and the client is divided into three parts:

1) front-end bandwidth: the required broadband to estimate; such as a front-end only one video server to transmit all the way 25 frames/Seconds of the DIF-image, the required bandwidth is 384 kbps.

2)platform: the central service platform broadband is mainly two parts, part of the front-end equipment to upload the video stream; another

Some of the video streams distributed to the client for the central service platform.

Public network operation of the central service platform Broadband planning can be based on a platform full load front 50% of the number of video simultaneously monitoring and concurrent scale planning.

3)client: time need to monitor the number of video decisions. As the bandwidth required for each video can be estimated, such as one A video server transmits 25 frames per second of CIP images (still images), and the required bandwidth is about 384 kbps (the codestream may be increased to 512 kbps if the image is taken into account). If the number of simultaneous monitoring is n, the client side of the broadband plan is as follows: n * 512 (kbps).

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fiber access?

Advantages: both transmission distance, high transmission bandwidth, security and good security, system performance and reliable. Disadvantages: not yet large-scale commercial applications, coverage is not wide, limited line resources, higher prices.

37. What is the role of front-end equipment?

In the network video monitoring system, the role of the front-end subsystem to achieve the monitoring point of the sound, video data, switch alarm data collection and audio and video coding compression and network transmission. Front-end equipment mainly includes:

1) image coding equipment (digital video recorder DVR, embedded video server, network camera);

2) audio and video capture equipment (camera, pickup);

3) PTZ / PTZ decoder;

4) alarm input / output equipment (switch equipment, alarm, etc.);

38. How to install Network video surveillance system front-end equipment?

Network video surveillance system system front-end equipment installation needs to be specific for different equipment, in the installation before carefully read the product manual and installation requirements. The standard steps for installing the terminal device are as follows:

1) Unpacking confirm the completeness of the equipment listed in the product description.

2) Check the power supply voltage to prevent the equipment does not match the equipment damage.

3) to confirm whether the equipment working environment in line with the product manual on the equipment operating temperature, power and other environmental


4)control equipment manual power test, to confirm a variety of working status indicator to normal operation

WODSEE is one of the best sa-y04h home security 4 channel real-time playback cctv p2p ahd dvr manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.

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