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SK04W-10PE Two Way Audio Real Time Video Recording 4ch Waterproof Bullet Network Camera Kits

SK04W-10PE Two Way Audio Real Time Video Recording 4ch Waterproof Bullet Network Camera Kits

WODSEE is proving wireless smart home cameras kits for modern consumers. Due to lowest installation costs, they have been applied into villa, home,office, shop, factory,and other areas. Easy to setup. No need wires any more,no exposed lines anymore, more beautiful, more hidden, more safe.

Product Details

SK04W-10PE Two way audio real time video recording 4ch waterproof bullet network camera kits

Key Feature:

Wifi nvr

1. Recording: 4CH 1080P  

2. PLAYBACK: 4*1080P  

3. SUPPORT: ONVIF, P2P Cloud, 3G/ WIFI    

4. 1*VGA; 1*RJ45; 2*USB2.0

Kits package:

1.1pcs 4CH 1080P NVR

2.4pcs IP Cameras    

3.1pc NVR power supply

4.1pc USB2.0 Mouse               

5.1pc CD   




Image Sensor

720P 30fps


3.6mm HD Fixed Lens



4ch 1080p




onvif, p2p cloud, 3g/wifi


1*VGA; 1*RJ45; 2*USB2.0



1 pc 4ch

ip camera

4 camera

NVR power supply

1 pc


1 pc USB2.0



Automatic connection with IP, save installation cost .Wireless Plug and Play.P2P Service

support moblie phone view.Iphone and andriod App,Remote View Anywhere, The Free App allows you to quickly and easily connect you smart phone or PC


1.Can we get a lower price? Any discount?

Yes,Price is not a problem,everthing can be negotiated based on the quantity.


2.Can I get a free sample?

Sorry,Free Sample is not available to new customer,

Become our VIP,you will have this privilege.

3.Will broadband users add new network video surveillance system to re-apply for a new line? Can you use existing physics?


Under normal circumstances, network video surveillance system and other services can share the same access network lines. Apply for new network video surveillance system does not need to apply for a new line, the use of the original line can use the network video surveillance system. But if the original VPN and other special lines, according to the local network to do a specific analysis of the situation, but from the purely technical, as long as the network to increase the allocation of resources, new users can still do not increase the use of network video Monitor the business of the system.

4.What are the types of storage provided by the network video surveillance system?

The front-end storage is to store the video recording in the hard disk of the DVR. The center store stores the video recording on the central platform's video server. The video storage is stored in the DVR's own hard disk. The supported hard disk display or the disk storage supported by the network storage; the client store stores the video recording in the client's browser to monitor the disk in the machine.

5.Video surveillance industry on the characteristics of storage needs?

Video surveillance on the storage needs of the following characteristics:

1) the flexibility of the storage capacity requirements are relatively large, the storage capacity of the number of screen quality requirements, the screen

The size of the size, the frame rate of the screen, the length of storage time and other factors, these factors are changes

Will make a large change in storage capacity.

2) the storage performance requirements are not high, but need to be able to meet the long time continuous data read and write, data flow

Large quantity, and less access to requests.

3) The data retention period is different and can be reused after the use of time. The number of general monitoring places

According to save a certain time (such as 10 days), later you can delete or cover.

WODSEE is one of the best sk04w-10pe two way audio real time video recording 4ch waterproof bullet network camera kits manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.

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