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WAHD13E/130/13A-AG10 ODM Indoor Surveillance Cmos 1.3mp 960P CCTV Dome AHD Camera

WAHD13E/130/13A-AG10 ODM Indoor Surveillance Cmos 1.3mp 960P CCTV Dome AHD Camera

WODSEE is one of the best wahd13e/130/13a-ag10 odm indoor surveillance cmos 1.3mp 960p cctv dome ahd camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.WAHD13E-130-13A-AG10 ODM...

Product Details

WAHD13E-130-13A-AG10 ODM indoor surveillance cmos 1.3mp 960p cctv dome ahd camera


960P indoor

H.264 Cmos sensor

DWDR, Defog, Motion detection

Privacy mask, 2D/3D NR, OSD 

3.6mm HD Megapixel Lens




Pick up Element 

1/3"CMOS AR0141

1/3 CMOS  AR0130

Effective Picture Elements (H×V) 

PAL/NTSC : 1280*960

PAL/NTSC : 1280*960

Horizontal Resolution 



Minimum Illumination 

0.2 Lux

0.01 Lux

0Lux (with IR LED ON)

0Lux (with IR LED ON)

S/N Ratio 

More than 41dB

More than 69dB

Scanning System 

2:1 interface

Synchronous System 

Internal, Negative sync.

Auto Electronic Shutter 


Gama Characteristic 


IR Distance 

10Meters (with ¢5X12PCS Infrared LED)

IR Status 

Under 10Lux by CDS

IR Power On 

CDS AUTO Control

Video Output 

1Vpp, 75Ω

Auto Gain Control 



DC12V/350mA ±10%


3.6mm  (1.3Megapixel)

3.6mm  (1.3Megapixel)

Board Lens

Dimension (mm) 

¢94 x 62(H) mm

Storage Temperature 

-30~+60℃  RH95% MAX

Operating Temperature 

-10~+60℃  RH95% MAX

The best home security camera is usually for indoor. The dome cameras are very low-profile and easily mount from a ceiling.Meanwhile the cost of the dome cameras is cheaper than the bullet cameras.


1.What is the cost of upfront investment?

The original analog monitoring system can be opened through the access network lines and the installation of video servers and other related equipment to transform the network video surveillance system to achieve the relevant functions. In this case, the user needs to invest in the cost of its equipment investment, mainly the cost of the video server, due to the type of video server and specifications, the specific cost of the need to consult with the local customer manager.

2.Will broadband users add new network video surveillance system to re-apply for a new line? 

Can you use existing physics? line?

Under normal circumstances, network video surveillance system and other services can share the same access network lines. Apply for new network video surveillance system does not need to apply for a new line, the use of the original line can use the network video surveillance system. But if the original VPN and other special lines, according to the local network to do a specific analysis of the situation, but from the purely technical, as long as the network to increase the allocation of resources, new users can still do not increase the use of network video Monitor the business of the system.

3.What are the types of storage provided by the network video surveillance system?

The front-end storage is to store the video recording in the hard disk of the DVR. The center store stores the video recording on the central platform's video server. The video storage is stored in the DVR's own hard disk. The supported hard disk display or the disk storage supported by the network storage; the client store stores the video recording in the client's browser to monitor the disk in the machine.

4.Video surveillance industry on the characteristics of storage needs?

Video surveillance on the storage needs of the following characteristics:

1) the flexibility of the storage capacity requirements are relatively large, the storage capacity of the number of screen quality requirements, the screen

The size of the size, the frame rate of the screen, the length of storage time and other factors, these factors are changes

Will make a large change in storage capacity.

2) the storage performance requirements are not high, but need to be able to meet the long time continuous data read and write, data flow

Large quantity, and less access to requests.

3) The data retention period is different and can be reused after the use of time. The number of general monitoring places

According to save a certain time (such as 10 days), later you can delete or cover.

5.What are the current mainstream storage technology?

1)Universal storage, the traditional storage technology is DAS, is the storage device directly connected with the server, completely to Server-centric, as part of the server. Storage devices for DAS can be tape, disk, disk display, and tape libraries. Typical DAS storage devices are all kinds of disk displays.

The current network storage technology is NAS, SAN, ISCSI. NAS is based on the TCP/IP protocol to provide file storage services; SAN is mainly based on Fiber Channel, data-oriented storage, can be seen as a traditional bus expansion; ISCSI is in the previous two technologies in the TCP/IP network On the convergence of the data block by the SCSI protocol package in the TCP/IP packet in the TCP/IP network transmission technology.

The characteristics of a variety of storage technology analysis and introduction:

The storage area network SANs used to store data has been built on Fiber Channel (FCFibre-Clannel technology, this technology provides a high-performance block data access scheme for storage domain applications. Due to the application of IP over LAN and WAN and good technical support, it can realize long-distance block-level storage in IP network, and replace IP channel protocol with IP protocol to form IP-based SAN storage. With low cost, cost-effective, free from distance restrictions, not easy to form information islands and other characteristics, IPSAN has been more and more attention and application. Commonly used several storage methods As the early network is very simple, direct-attached storage (DAS) is the first to be used in the network storage system. In the DAS storage architecture, in order to avoid a single point of error, usually use a number of servers to share a storage system. When you need to increase the system's storage capacity, the general use of increased disk display (RAID) way. DAS was once a popular storage system, but can not meet the large-capacity storage needs, so there have been NAS and SAN and other storage technologies. The network storage system includes the file server and the storage device component, the NAS installs the preconfigured storage device, causes the master server to "free" from the file I/O operation, depending on the server as an optimized file system, the operating system no longer To achieve the calculation function, only to provide file system functions, the client directly through the NAS system and storage devices to exchange data between. NAS directly run the file system, such as NFS/CIFS, etc., by setting up the NAS can be achieved in different clients (such as NT and Unix) to share data between. Drive, tape drive or removable storage media and embedded system software, it can support a variety of application protocols (such as NFS, CIFS, FTP, HTTP, etc.), but also to support a variety of operating systems, such as Unix/windowsNT, and In the use of different network environments do not need to make any changes to the network environment. NAS products directly through the network interface to connect to the network, simply configure the IP address, you can be shared by users on the network. NAS is suitable for transferring files and sharing files over a LAN. This approach will take up a large number of host CPU resources, file operations delay is quite large. The increase in the amount of data, so that DAS and NAS the same problem, not to improve the storage capacity and unlimited increase in storage devices.

Compared with DAS and NAS storage, SAN's advantage is that all data processing is not done by the server, SAN is a storage device, connected devices and interfaces integrated in a high-speed network technology, which itself is a storage network , Assume the main network of data storage tasks. In the SAN network, all data transmission in high-speed, high-bandwidth network, SAN storage is the realization of the physical hardware block-level storage access, improve the storage performance and upgrade capabilities. According to the transmission protocol and physical medium adopted by the storage network, SAN is implemented by FCSAN and IPSAN. FCSAN adopts high-speed fiber channel to form storage network. It is the mainstream technology of SAN. With the openness of Ethernet and IP and the advantages of block storage in many ways, and IP protocol-iSCSI instead of Fiber Channel protocol to achieve end-to-end SAN storage. ISCSI technology requires only low-cost investment, you can easily and quickly on the information and data for interactive transmission and management. Compared with the previous network access storage, iSCSI to solve the openness, capacity, transmission speed, compatibility, security and other issues, its superior performance so that the date of its release by the market attention and favor.

2)NVR high-definition network dedicated storage

Can be used with the network camera (IPCamera), based on IP network monitoring signal access, distribution, browsing, video, playback, management and other integrated features.

WODSEE is one of the best wahd13e/130/13a-ag10 odm indoor surveillance cmos 1.3mp 960p cctv dome ahd camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.

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