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WIP10G/13G/20G-CH40 HD Manual Zoom Lens Full HD Long IR Distance P2P Network Security CCTV Outdoor Ip Camera

WIP10G/13G/20G-CH40 HD Manual Zoom Lens Full HD Long IR Distance P2P Network Security CCTV Outdoor Ip Camera

WODSEE is one of the best wip10g/13g/20g-ch40 hd manual zoom lens full hd long ir distance p2p network security cctv outdoor ip camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our...

Product Details

WIP-CH40 HD manual zoom lens full hd long ir distance p2p network security cctv outdoor ip camera


H.264 ip camera

Support Cloud(P2P) and mobile surveillance function

Support Onvif 2.3 stander version

Motion detection

Support auto IR-CUT filter removal function/ICR                                   Support the view by browser   

Model NO. 




Image Sensor 




Main processor 








Effective Pixels 




TV System 


Sync System 


Scanning System 


Video Output 




HD manual zoom Lens


1.0 Megapixe

1.3 Megapixe

2.0 Megapixe

Infrared LED 


Infrared Distance 


IR Status 

Under 10 Lux By CDS

IR Power On 

CDS Auto Control


RJ-45 (10/100Base-T)




Support ONVIF 2.3





IE Brower  

Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer 7.x or above

Smart Phone 

iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Pad


Color/ B&W (IR-CUT )



Image Config 

Saturation/Brightness/Contrast /Sharpness, AUTO E W, White Balance, BLC,Horizon Flip,

Vertical Flip

Motion Detection 


Recording Mode 


Operation Temperature 

-20℃~+55℃RH95% Max

Storage Temperature 

-10℃~ +60℃RH95% Max

Power Source 



169(W) x67(H) x76(D)mm


1.Will broadband users add new network video surveillance system to re-apply for a new line? Can you use existing physics?


Under normal circumstances, network video surveillance system and other services can share the same access network lines. Apply for new network video surveillance system does not need to apply for a new line, the use of the original line can use the network video surveillance system. But if the original VPN and other special lines, according to the local network to do a specific analysis of the situation, but from the purely technical, as long as the network to increase the allocation of resources, new users can still do not increase the use of network video Monitor the business of the system.

2.What are the types of storage provided by the network video surveillance system?

The front-end storage is to store the video recording in the hard disk of the DVR. The center store stores the video recording on the central platform's video server. The video storage is stored in the DVR's own hard disk. The supported hard disk display or the disk storage supported by the network storage; the client store stores the video recording in the client's browser to monitor the disk in the machine.

3.Super low illumination camera and infrared led

First, you must choose the suitable lens. In order to improve the sensitivity of the camera to the infrared led and the sensitivity, as far as possible the use of large light through the lens, and pay attention to the use of auto iris or electric. Sencond, for variable lens, as far as possible to open a large aperture drive level value. Because the general increase with the focal length of the lens, the amount of light will be relatively reduced in the choice of infrared light to stay in a certain margin, and pay attention to the infrared lamp nominal indicators.

Second, the infrared led optional power supply should be as much as possible to meet the minimum required electric power, frequent exposure distance is not enough.

Third, to consider the degree of reflection of the camera scene, because the infrared light with the same visible light, such as reflection, refraction and other characteristics, so the target scene around if there is no good reflective environment (such as buildings, walls, signs) should be considered The distance margin.

4.What is Highlight Compensation (HLC) ?

Highlight compensation is a feature that came out of necessity due to overexposure from strong light sources like headlights or spotlights. This feature senses strong sources of light in video and compensates for exposure on these spots to enhance the overall quality. HLC is very helpful in preventing blinding of security cameras at night time from headlights.  License plate readability is a feature nearly everyone wants and expects from their security cameras placed in parking lots and entry points. Without HLC this is something that is simply impossible due to the bright, glaring nature of headlights. With the type of HLC provided in most security cameras these days it is possible to reduce the glare in video to an extent and make it possible to see license plates on slow moving front approaching vehicles or stationary vehicles. But if license plate capture is a feature you are in need of for vehicles moving faster than 5mph we advise using actual license plate capture cameras that are specifically designed for this purpose and will perform better because they have other features in addition to HLC that aid in plate capture. One such feature is shutter rate control.

5.What is the direction of monitoring system development?

The monitoring system will develop to the network, in fact, there are more and more monitoring system to implement the network transmission, some industry insiders believe that the possibility of wireless is relatively small, because any signal can interfere with the wireless monitoring equipment to receive the results, if To strengthen the signal is necessary to consider whether and mobile phones, wireless walkie-talkie to apply for a separate frequency to communicate. The question is the operator who does it? How is the system expanded after the band? These problems will hinder the development of wireless.

Another part of the industry believe that wireless should dominate the future of the network, monitoring will be to the wireless development. Now a lot of internal LAN to the wireless, the network will be a combination of wireless and wired development, the future of monitoring based on the network should also be a combination of wireless and wired development.

1).Web camera universal network camera to provide users with a very rich feature, it integrates a network server, image compression and operating system, anywhere on the network, and even anywhere in the world connected to the Internet can be seen through the standard web browser Images, companies can not use the traditional camera needs coaxial cable to re-network, thus saving a lot of money. For more monitoring systems, professional security software is installed to manage the video signals sent back from the camera. Relative to the wireless camera, its transmission in the performance and distance have certain requirements, more difficult to base on the market.

2).The advantages of the network

The growth of IT and traditional security technologies has made it possible for network technology to be used in monitoring systems, providing more and better security management options.

Network video technology that allows people to remotely monitor Internet coverage anywhere. Network cameras and video servers can be connected directly to the network. The video signal is digitally processed in the camera and transferred to the PC server via a computer network for storage. This is very useful, because the computer network can generally be used, LAN and Internet applications also makes the video signal can be remotely managed and stored. Viewing the monitor image from the web substantially reduces the cost of being traveled to and from the site being monitored. In addition, the image is safe and measurable for storage at a remote site for convenience.

Network video technology also allows users to retain their analog devices and enjoy the full benefits of digital systems. Web recording can control the existing computer architecture, network and monitor, the installation cost is cheaper. In addition, the maintenance fee is reduced, the number of movable parts is reduced, greatly reducing the need for equipment replacement. So its ownership (TOC) is low.

It is precisely because of the maturity of the network technology and monitoring system development needs of their own, making the monitoring system to the network development direction. Compared to the wireless network that is not yet widely used, its advantage is self-evident.

WODSEE is one of the best wip10g/13g/20g-ch40 hd manual zoom lens full hd long ir distance p2p network security cctv outdoor ip camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.

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