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H.265+, The Core Competitiveness Of Video Surveillance Industry

1. What’s H.265+? 

H.265 + is based on H.265 coding technology integration Tzip day pressure intelligent algorithm of black technology to achieve;
H.265 + is to rewrite the security of the black technology, is the core competitiveness of video surveillance industry.
2. How to achieve H.265+?

Most of the H.265+ cameras fixed installation monitor scene are static scenes , accounted for a larger, stable background, the main monitoring is the characteristics of moving objects. The H.265 compression technology and Tzip day pressure intelligent black technology combination;
Static scene, to ensure the subjective image quality under the premise of compression to the extreme, thus reducing the rate to the extreme;
Dynamic scene, to separate the background and the foreground, use different coding quality for the foreground and the background; greatly improves the coding compression performance, greatly reducing the bit rate.
3. What’s the advantage of H.265+?

①Under the conditions of 1080P@ 25fps,H.265+ save 90% storage space than H.264
For example:
1080P@25fps continuous video 24 hours at Conference room:H.264 is 40G, H.265 is about 7.6G, H.265 + is only 3.16G
②Mobile phone remote just 10% flow can reach 5 times smooth experience
③More stable, seamless access to HK K1 / K2 / K4 / K8 series NVR
4. Stream comparison?图片4.png
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