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How To Protect IP Camera From Hackers

Many people are afraid to use IP cameras. Not because they don’t know how to use. It’s because they are afraid of that hackers may see what they are doing through their IP cameras. It’s reasonable to worry about that unless you do there follow steps to prevent IP camera hackers.


Before we introduce the steps we want to show you a picture about how a IP Camera link to the Internet. 

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How do you protect someone from hacking into your IP camera? Wodsee is going to share five actionable steps you can do today.

1. Secure your Internet network

If you are using an IP camera which has already linked to the Internet. This Internet refers to your home WIFI. One thing you can do is to protect you WIFI password. You are supposed to set a strong password which shouldn’t be just pure numbers or letters. You should mix them together and it is better that you add some symbols in your password.

Another thing you should do is to change your password frequently. Maybe some of your friends come to your house, you will tell them your home WIFI password. Be careful they can do everything with your WIFI Password. So you know how important to change your WIFI password timely.


2. Password also protect your cameras

You may often use the App on the phone to monitor your home. And maybe your family members also have the password of the App. Make sure everyone won’t leak the password to other people. But it’s better to change the password.


3. Avoid port forwarding to your IP camera

The router you use comes with built in security that blocks certain applications from accessing your home network. Some people choose to set up port forwarding for devices such as an XBox which might be ok, but when it comes to IP cameras I don’t recommend you do this.


4. Change the password of your router 

It is no need for me to mention the importance of the password.

5. Update your camera’s firmware

Every time you update your camera’s firmware, the hackers go farther. The system will be safer after you update your camera’s firmware.


Do you get any ideas about it now?It is quite important to prevent IP camera hackers nowadays. If you have already made these steps, wodsee believe it will be away from the hackers.