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Reasons Of Using IP Camera Instead Of HD Analog Camera

There are several reasons for why using IP camera is better than HD analog camera.

1.High resolution 

Different from HD analog camera, network camera can support a higher resolution, like 8.0MP and 4K. And that means IP camera can record a larger area in a same scene, or get a very detailed image in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements.


2.Easy installation

IP camera can be easily connected to an existing data network. By using an existing computer network, you do not need to build a new cabling infrastructure. Besides, with Power over Ethernet (PoE), you do not even have to connect the power outlet to the camera. To provide power and transit data only by connecting camera with one Ethernet cable, which can be easily installed.


3. Real HD megapixel effect

Different from signal transition of analog camera, images of IP camera will not be degraded over long distances or when converting between different formats. But the analog signal quality will be effected when transmitting more than a certain distance or converting.


IP camera not only can record and transit video data, but also support many functions. Built-in intelligence enables the camera to perform many tasks, thereby reducing operator pressure, providing critical business data and improving monitoring efficiency.

5.Highly integrated function

It integrates power, video, audio, PTZ control and I / O in a single cable. This means cost savings, enhancements and great integration potential.


6.To reduce total cost

Although the prices of analog cameras are cheaper, DVR are more expensive. And Labor cost is expensive, because analog camera system need more installation of cable and maintenance will be more difficult.


8.Easy to expand function

9.More new possibilities


Good news!! New arrival of H.265+ IP camera can save more storage than H.264 HD analog camera.