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Wodsee Electronics Limited

The Baiyun Mountain Climbing Activities Of WODSEE In 2017

Hot Summer, Hot Wodsee!

In order to welcome the arrival of hot summer and hot business, our company organized the mountain climbing activities in July.

BaiYun Mountain, located in BaiYun District, Guangzhou, China, which has the name of “YangCheng No.1 Show”. And it is the first 5A-class tourist attraction in Guangzhou's scenic area. Below is one of its picture. Beautiful?


Wodsee always attaches great importance to the quality of employees and company cultural construction. Under the leadership of company management, all the staff members are full of passion, unity and perseverance. Finally, all members completed the climbing and enjoyed the summer scenery.


〖Team gathering before departure〗


〖Sunshine Smile after climbing---Oversea Sales Department〗


〖Exciting mood---Domestic Sales Department〗


〖Energetic team---Product Department〗


〖Team Activity on the mountain〗


〖WODSEE Family Photo〗

Enjoy life, enjoy work. Greatly wish you have a wonderful summer vacation, too.