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The Innovation Of Smart Lock

So far, as one of the hottest markets in 2017, the smart lock market is a huge and tempting . Upon Smart Home revealed a data: In 2016, the sales of smart lock reached 3 million pieces, the output value is on 30-50 billion RMB.

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Voice open mode, Remote control, Fingerprint open mode, Alarm Push, Scene Linkage, Fashion design......There are in wide range in our life and to be more convenient by smart lock.

Compared with smart Lock and traditional door locks, the unlock way is different. Most of the smart Lock on the market can automatically set a variety of unlock mode, in addition to the traditional key, you can also use the password, fingerprint, smart sensor, door card, etc. to unlock. Since then, no need to worry the lost of keys in your bag.

Let we talk what the scence smart lock can be acheive in your life.

Scene 1--Forget to bring keys

At normal, when you forget to bring keys outdoor, there are two ways to open the door, one is to hire professional locker to open the door, waste time and money. Another one is to pry open the lock, it means the door is broken totally.

Smart Lock--Voice open mode, Remote control, Fingerprint open mode, you can choose anyone to open, the annoy is removed away.

Scene2--Shoping with many goods in your hand

After shopping, you took many goods like dress, T-shirt, foods...... in you hand, when reach home, need to put them off and use keys to open the door, there is very troublesome. Fingerprint will help you. 

Scene 3--To know Kids and the aged by remote when they out and back.

Through the installation of app in phone, you can access all the open door records on the APP. If you use the fingerprint lock, different members different fingers, you can know they out and back anytime and anywhere; 

For example, If the child does not return home on time, you can receive information from App, and call them to know what happened to avoid accident.

Scene 4--Rental house, Relatives and Friends visiting, Housekeeping service, safe and convenient

Smart door locks can set the password and valid time to unlock.

For example, a short rent of the house, you can set a password through the phone, shared to the tenants. Password automatically invalid after check-out. For ordinary rental homes, the owners can better manage their own homes, tenants do not need to worry about security problems and need to replace the lock.

Friends and relatives visiting, if you doesn’t at home, you can share a temporary password through the phone, they can enter the door through a one-time password, same as housekeeping.

Scene 5--Alarm push

The door lock is opened in abnormal way, or the door lock password input error, smart locks will alarm push to you phone. In this way, once the door of the abnormal situation, the owners can be timely detection, timely alarm to keep more same.

Make in Wodsee VS Made in USA, which will you choose?

Recently, the main smart Lock brands are Danalock, Kwikset, August, Lockatron, Goji, Schlage in USA market. They only use bluetooth or 433 in single way to achieve remote control.

Wodsee Smart Lock, associated with Gateway to achieve safe(Alarm Push) and convenient smart home, under Zigbee portocol(Big capacity, Strong anti-interference, Fast transportation, Good confidentiality, Low power consumption)

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