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Video Surveillance History: Intelligence Become The Future Mainstream Gradually

According to Yu Bo Intelligence Industry Market Research Center, the industry video surveillance solutions need to increase. From the industry's point of view, in the past few years, the government, telecommunications and finance and other areas of video surveillance has been in the forefront of the entire market, while other industries, despite some demand, the pace of deployment is lagging behind. This also means that the video surveillance market has a wide range of development prospects.

The era of analog monitoring systems. In the 60 's, with the black and white camera gradually into the civilian field, the earliest video surveillance system was born, called CCTV Monitoring System (CCTV), using analog transmission, VCR (video Cassette Recorders) as the core.

Video, audio signal acquisition, transmission, storage using analog mode, the picture quality is high, but the limitation is also obvious: This system only covers the small geographical area, it is difficult to form the large-scale video surveillance system, the system installs, the debugging and the operation maintenance cost and the difficulty is high, is difficult with the electronic access control, the perimeter guard and so on other electronic system forms Contemporary, the technology system and Information system technology system is difficult to be compatible, has gradually withdrawn from the market, by digital, networked video surveillance system replaced.

Digital monitoring System. In the mid 90, the second generation video surveillance system represented by DVR (Digital video Recorder) appeared in the video surveillance market. DVR enables users to sample and digitize analog video signals and then store them on a computer's hard disk, playing on a computer or a large screen. This phase of the camera still belongs to the category of analog cameras, recording the analog signal. In the late 90 's, with the increase of network bandwidth, computer processing ability and storage capacity, as well as the emergence of various video technology, video monitoring step into the digital network era, called the third generation of remote digital video surveillance system. This period, China's security industry further development, local security enterprises have been established.

Intelligent Monitoring system: Network Camera ERA. With the development of network camera and Internet, intelligent video surveillance system emerges. Intelligent video Surveillance to detect, segment, track, classify and identify the areas and targets of interest in complex scenes, and to detect and label anomalies, IBM, Sony, CMU and other research institutions and companies have done a lot of research in this field. With the rapid development of AI and deep learning in the past 10 years, the accuracy of intelligent video surveillance algorithm has also been a new step. In the 2015 LFW International face recognition competition, the accuracy of machine recognition reached 99.55%, the first time beyond the human eye. The technical bottleneck is gradually broken, which makes the intelligent video surveillance gradually become the mainstream of the future.

In order to conform to this trend, Wodsee stick to research and development Intelligent products for many years. Intelligent NVR:Face Detection; Modern Intelligent Smart Home system: Smart Gateway, Smart Lock, Smart IP camera, Smart IR Remote Controller, Smart Voice Assistant/Smart Envoironment Monitoring Device, Smart Body Motion Sensor, Smart Door/Window Sensor, Smart Curtain, Smart Wall Switch, Smart Wall Socket, Smart Socket, Smart LED Bulb, etc. Wodsee must be your long-term and nice smart Security CCTV supplier. 

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