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4 New Styles HD High-Speed Dome camera

As we known, the High-speed Dome camera/ PTZ camera in the field of video surveillance are irreplaceable, its 360-degree without dead angle monitoring, cruise, zoom and other unique features are not owned by other types of cameras. 

So far, the High-speed Dome camera has basically entered into the High-Definition area. This is the general trend of network security and HD development in the security industry. It is also a technological advantage of its own high-definition image quality, wide coverage, high scalability and intelligent features upgrading Decided. According to the survey of 《China Public Security》, the share of HD High-speed Dome in the dome camera market is about 30%. Among some of the major IPC suppliers in China, high-speed dome camera in all IPC sales accounted for even higher than this value. In the safe city, traffic, park perimeter, HD High-Speed dome camera become the mainstream of HD IP PTZ Camera.

With the rapid development of networked, High-Definition and Intelligent technologies, HD High-speed Dome cameras have been widely used in such projects as Safe City and the market share has been significantly improved.

How to face with the huge market demand ? 

On the one hand, Wodsee speed up the high-speed dome camera network, HD, intelligent technology upgrades, and constantly introduce high-quality High-Speed Dome camera; such as 5mp Starvis/Starlight High-Speed Dome IP camera, Auto-tracking 30X Starvis/Starlight High-Speed Dome IP camera. 


On the other, Wodsee pay more attention to our own localization of the key parts of the HD High Speed Dome camera and the core image processing technology, also in appearance and design to catch up with international brands. Such as Bullet style IP PTZ camera and Mini Dome PTZ camera


Now Wodsee HD High-speed Dome Camera is more and more popular, and we get too many great feedbacks on quality, for example, Customer from French Saint Martin say, Wodsee HD High-speed Dome Camera is working well against Irma Hurricane.

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