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Great innovation!!! - Wodsee IP camera with Sensor Control IR

Lately Wodsee launches 2MP IP cameras with Sensor Control IR.

Sensor control IR IP cameras have made great improvements to normal IR led cameras.

Sensor control IR IP camera.jpg

As the above picture, on traditional camera, when light 0-3lux value, IR will be on. The image is white and black. But at that time, sensor still can display a very good color vision. 

Only because the IR led's control, the good color vision cannot be well displayed.

From the picture comparison as below, first picture at time: 00:12:31, mid-night, only got road light, picture is from camera with "Senor control IR".

sensor control ir.jpg

The below picture at time 19:11:56, early night, piture is from camera with "IR led control IR". 


Sensor control IR so wonderful, isn’t it? Then how does it work?

First, when the photosensitive output high-level signal to the network module, the sensor would detect whether the current ambient brightness reaches the value to set color to black&white; if it reaches, the network module outputs a high signal to the light board, then infrared light working on, while switching IR-CUT; if the sensor senses that the current ambient brightness has not reached the value to set color to black&white, the camera would keep starlight effect.


Setting IR CUT mode as “Soft photosensitive”

After camera switching to black&white mode, when the intelligent sensor detected the environment brightness reaches the brightness value to switch from black&white to color, the IR-CUT will change to color, and cut off the output signal to control the infrared off.

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