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How do you usually maintain the TV Vision Cloud Smart Lock?

Fingerprint lock routine maintenance tips!

1. If you have a fingerprint lock with a spare key, remember to place the key on a place other than your home in the car or office so that you need it urgently.

2. When entering a fingerprint, it is recommended to record the code, so as not to remember the code when deleting a certain fingerprint, and to avoid emptying the fingerprint lock.

3.Fingerprint acquisition window because of the use of time, the surface PL10B House Safe Intelligence Electric Biometric Remote Control WiFi Fingerprint Door Lock will have dirt, may affect the normal use. Wipe with a soft cloth at this time.

4. There are 4 ways to open the door with WoSky cloud linkage smart lock: Fingerprint door open, remote door open, password door open, door card door open, although most people will choose the most convenient fingerprint door open, but it is recommended to set several sets of password at the same time to prevent When the fingerprint is broken, the password can open the door. When a guest visits or is in a hurry, a temporary ML10B Support Smart Home Door Bluetooth Handle Touch Digital Wireless Fingerprint Lock password can be set to open the door or help him open the door remotely.

5.Fingerprint lock panel must not be in contact with corrosive substances, otherwise the surface coating is damaged, then your fingerprint lock can be "broken phase".

6. There is a fingerprint lock on the slide cover, please do not pull the slide cover outwards, use moderate force when pushing open and close, and use the slide cover correctly.

7. Fingerprint lock If you use more than six months, please open the battery cover to check the battery, to prevent the battery from electrocuting fingerprint lock circuit board (especially when the rainy season, the humid air will have any hidden dangers to any home appliances, please check (Maintenance, proper use of your home appliances), found that the battery has oxidation phenomenon, please replace the new good quality battery!

8. Waterproof protection. Fingerprint locks are electronic products. Although some manufacturers have made waterproof protection, please try to avoid contact with water or other liquids, or immerse them in water or other liquids. If the shell comes in contact with liquid or salt spray, wipe it dry with a soft, absorbent cloth.ML10 Smart Security Home Safe Infrared Sensor Keyless Biometric Digital Fingerprint Door Lock

There are numerous fingerprint locks on the market. At the time, fingerprint locks, remote door openers, password openers, and door card readers opened four types of fingerprint locks, but there were not many fingerprint locks. Woshi Technology Cloud Link Smart Lock is one of the best, welcome to inquire!