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How to prevent Smart home camera risks?

Smart home camera refers to do not need a computer connection, direct use of Wi-Fi networking, with mobile applications, you can remotely view everything at home, talk with family. And also supports video sharing, remote operation monitoring perspective, alarm and other functions A generic term for a product.

Due to its mobility, remoteness and security, it has been widely used by many consumers for home security.

But in the market, the quality of smart home cameras varies,many exist a variety of security risks. For example, monitoring video information is leaked, the camera is anti-control ...

How to use smart Home camera safely?

1. Choose the formal channels to buy smart home camera products

When purchase smart home cameras, price is only one of the references,security and word of mouth also an important factor to consider

Here we strongly suggest you use WODSEE Smart home camera, easy to connect, ,private APP to protect your home&family .


Mini wifi smart home camera+E-Robert Smart home camera two series , custom logo /APP/SDK acceptable

2. Security settings password

Encryption is the best solution for all Internet security, although there is no absolute security data, but multiple encryption is undoubtedly to improve user security. 

And when use the smart home camera, we must pay attention to set a certain strength of the password, and timely attention smart home camera software reminder.We should also  take the initiative to modify the smart home camera default password ,password settings should be a certain degree of complexity and regular changes

3. Timely update smart home camera operating system version and related mobile applications

4. Pay attention to adjust the placement of the camera 

Users in the installation process should try to avoid the camera to the bedroom, bathroom and other private areas.

High quality products &good habits can  better protect the privacy of users. Wodsee smart home camera , keep you house safe.