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How to provide a regular maintenance for CCTV equipments?

The reasons why CCTV equipments are easy damaged? 

For a long time, due to the neglect of monitoring system maintenance, a lot of monitoring equipment easily being damaged after just put into use. Why does it happens?

Firstly. The management department paid insufficient attention to the maintenance of the monitoring system and thought it unnecessary to invest too much manpower, material and financial resources. Therefore, the management of the monitoring system facilities was ignored, which led to the management and maintenance of the system could not keep up.

Secondly. The lack of complete and planned monitoring equipment maintenance implementation plan. Large number of monitoring equipment distributed throughout the project, equipment maintenance is an arduous and important work, this work need to be organized and clear.

When a device fails, professional technicians can bring up the relevant technical parameters of the device, performance indicators and other related informations quickly, and take targeted maintenance measures to effectively improve the maintenance efficiency of the equipment.

Thirdly. The purchase concern too much of the cost of the equipment while ignoring the equipment maintenance. Too much monitoring equipment brands, too many product suppliers, not good enough manufacturers after-sale, resulting in monitoring equipment  failure after using for some time, the damage rate rising, eventually had to make large-scale renovation of existing equipment, There is duplication of investment, a serious waste of the phenomenon.

In order to do a good job of maintenaning the equipments, maintenance center need equip with the appropriate manpower and material resources (tools, Communications equipment, etc.), responsible for routine monitoring system checking, maintenance, service, management, assume equipment maintenance services to protect monitoring System of long-term, reliable and effective operation. 

How to provide regular maintenance for CCTV equipments

1. Maintain the basic conditions:

On the monitoring system for the normal maintenance of equipment required basic maintenance conditions, that is to achieve 3 requirements:

They're spare parts, accessories, tools.

1) Spare parts

In general, each system must maintain a corresponding spare parts storage, mainly to reserve some of the important equipments that's could not be repaired immediately after damagement.

Such as cameras, lenses, monitors and so on. These devices once found failure may make the system can not be normal operation, so they must be promptly replaced, it must have a certain number of spare parts, spare parts inventory must be constantly updated based on whether the equipment can be repaired and the characteristics of the operating lifespan of the equipment.


Accessories are mainly various of discrete components and modules additional configuration, you can prepare more, mainly for equipment maintenance.

Commonly used accessories are the main circuit needs a variety of integrated circuit chips and discrete components of various circuits. Other larger devices must be equipped with certain function modules for emergency use.

In this way, maintenance can make good use of small inputs, save a lot of money to update the equipment.

3)Tools and testing equipment.

We must prepare common maintenance tools and maintenance equipment, such as all kinds of pliers, screwdrivers, test pencil, electric iron, tape, multimeter, oscilloscope, etc., if necessary, should also be added at any time, if necessary make your own simulation load as a test tool.

2. Some precautions in equipment maintenance

In the monitoring system equipment maintenance process, we should guard against some situations, as far as possible to make the equipment operating normally, the main need to do is dustproof, moistureproof, shockproof,  lightning protection, tamper-proof.

1) dustproof. The dust in the air and the invisible particles are so large amount that it is easy to cover the front glass of the surveillance camera, resulting in the obstruction of the monitoring sight and thus influence the monitoring effect and difinition. Therefore, you need to periodically wipe the glass cover, be careful not to use irritating cleaners or organic solvents.

2) moisture-proof. For outdoor surveillance cameras, sun and rain are inevitable. Moisture intrusion will make the board damp to moldy, and may even cause the circuit board short circuit and scrapped, so the moistureproof is very crucial. Waterproof camera has waterproof ring in the front and rear side, but when installed must pay attention (especially when wearing waterproof PVC pipe) Do not make U-shaped, because it is easy to save water in the waterproof pipe, leds to camera damage.

3) Shockproof. Vibration can have a detrimental effect on the mechanical part of the surveillance camera. The current digital surveillance cameras have a very mechanical structure, some with mechanical elements of less than 0.5 mm in thickness and their guideposts in micrometer resolution, so strong vibrations sometimes cause mechanical dislocation and even circuit board loosening. Therefore, we should avoid strong vibration, in particular, to prevent the machine fell to the ground.

4) Lightning protection, tamper-proof. As long as people who have been engaged in the maintenance of the electromechanical system know that the thunderstorm weather, lightning strikes are common cases, which cause a great risk for the normal operating of surveillance cameras, therefore, lightning protection must be highly valued in the maintenance process. 

5) in addition, should avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, so as to avoid damage to the image sensor of the surveillance camera; do not pull and twist the connection cable, so as to avoid damage to the surveillance camera; cameras should be stored in a clean, dry local warehouse.

3. the specific maintenance measures

1) Quarterly equipment dusting, cleaning, cleaning the monitoring equipment exposed dust, remove the dust of the camera, protective cover and other components, and then wipe with anhydrous alcohol cotton each lens, adjust the clarity. Making sure the machine is running, static electricity and other factors will be inhaled dust monitoring equipment body, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time check the monitoring room ventilation, cooling, dust, power and other facilities. Outdoor temperature should be -20 ℃ ~ +

60 ℃, relative humidity should be 10% ~ 100%; indoor temperature should be controlled at +5 ℃ ~ +35 ℃, relative humidity should be controlled at 10% ~ 80%, ensure monitoring equipment in a good operating environment.

2) According to the instructions of each part of the monitoring system, every technical parameter of the monitoring system and the quality of the transmission line of the monitoring system, so as to deal with the hidden trouble and assist the supervising supervisor to set various data such as the level of use, etc., make sure all equipments is good, able to work properly.

3) Check monitoring equipment components once a month to conduct a comprehensive inspection, once found that aging parts should be promptly replaced and repaired, such as cameras.

4) Clean parts that are periodic cleaning once a quarter, such as the monitor exposed to the air, due to electrostatic screen, there will be a lot of dust is adsorbed on the monitor surface, affecting the clarity of the screen, to regularly wipe the monitor , Proofing monitor color and brightness.

5) Maintenance long-term monitoring equipments on a regular basis once a month, such as recorders will produce more heat for a long time, once the fan fails, will affect the heat, so as not to incluence the cameras' working.

6) Monitoring the operation of the system and equipment to monitor the situation, analyze the operation siluation, detecting on time and troubleshooting. Such as: network equipment, server systems, monitoring terminals and a variety of terminal equipments.Desktop system operation checking, network and desktop system virus defense.

7) Monthly optimizing the monitoring systems and equipments: a reasonable network management in monitoring center, such as bandwidth, IP address and other restrictions. Provide monthly monitoring system network performance testing, including network connectivity, stability and bandwidth utilization; Real-time detection of all external network intrusion that may affect the monitoring of network equipment, Real-time monitoring of the server operating status, traffic and intrusion monitoring. Exceptions, verification, and related processing. According to user needs supervision Control network planning, optimization; Assist in dealing with server hardware and software failures and related hardware and software disassembly.

8) Provide regular monthly information service: the first working day of each month, send summary informations the last month repair, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance record to the monitoring center.