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Notes for outdoor installation of PTZ

About the installation of PTZ, wodsee here to remind you that the outdoor installation of PTZ must pay attention to the geographical position and the drainage. Today we will talk about notes for outdoor installation of PTZ. We help can help you better to make installation of PTZ.

1.Position of installation 

The installation position of the PTZ is not close to the steam or air conditioning outlet . It is easy to generate condensation effect, which causes the occurrence of accumulated water and water fog for a long time.


2.drainage of PTZ 

Outdoor installation of PTZ should pay attention to the drainage of fixed bracket.Many engineer often install the position of the fixed bracket even higher than the electrical junction box.

And they do not make waterproof when they put the camera cables to the electrical junction box,which lead to the rain also drains into the box with the camera cable.It will cause an electrical short circuit and even burn the camera.

We hope you can pay attention to the position and the drainage when you install the PTZ.Only when you avoid of some installation problems, can the PTZ lasts longer.