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WODSEE 2nd generation Dual Light IP camera

In November 2017, WODSEE launches four models of H.265+ Dual Light IP bullet cameras.

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These four cameras adopt with white LED and IR LED light, unlike the general infrared camera which can only monitor B/W image at night, dual light camera can not only show more clear nigh vision images, but also support human recognition and motion detection with the white LED light within 10 meters and record color image.

What kind of different technologies are applied in these Dual light IP cameras?

1.Fifth-Generation Led Board.

2pcs of Array IR LED (20m) plus 2pcs of White IR LED (10m), more great clear visibility under dark conditions, and longer lifetime. Compare to regular infrared camera, dual light camera without infrared exposure problem.

2.Smart Dual Light Switch.

Dual light camera in the absence of moving people automatically works on infrared light, with white LED automatically shut down. In the case of low-light moving people invasion, the camera will smart switch into white LED , illuminate the surveillant area. In the mean time the image will switch from B/W into high-definition color image, which is a strong contributing to crime prevention and help proprietors see at night.

With the lower power consumption, high intensity lighting and smart switch, dual light camera is a more effective and “green” solution when comparing to the regular cameras. 

3.Motion detection and human recognition function.

Wodsee dual light cameras using sony sensor’s unique video processing technologies, can achieve not only motion detection but also intelligent human body recognition, distinguishing people from small objects, greatly reduce false detection rates. So they’re more convenient to installed at the places such as: Factory, Courtyard, Stares, Underground parking, Passage, Warehouse  etc. Public spaces.

4. 40-50% cost saving then first generation dual light ip camera.

Compared to Wodsee first edition of manual zoom lens dual light camera, these new cameras are using smaller camera housing and 3.6mm fixed lens. This enabling us much reducing the cost while still keep high quality. So it can benefits a larger group of end users, and increases the affordability for wider users. 

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