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WODSEE new Smart Zoom IP camera, Real WDR.

New Smart Zoom solution: Hi3516D + Panasonic MN34223. Real WDR.

What is Real WDR?

WDR is the narrowing of Wide Dynamic Range. Wide dynamic range technology can allow camera capture good effect pictures even under challenging light conditions. Real WDR is a sensor-based technology, camera with this technology can produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range. With Real WDR, you can enjoy good quality image although high light situation. 

Why or where it needs?

Anywhere and anytime it needs. Installing and using surveillance cameras often encounter glare problems. Because we can’t flexibly choose where to install the camera. Solving or handling glare is an unavoidable problem. Whether this is caused by reflective materials or light sources. WDR function can solve this problem. WODSEE New Smart Zoom IPC, solution Hi3516D + Panasonic MN34223, support WDR function. And sensor Panasonic MN34223 has very good WDR effect.

Please check below pictures:

Without WDR, when the high brightness area under strong light source (sunlight, light or reflector) and the area with relatively low brightness such as backlight and backlight exist in the image at the same time, the image output by the camera will appear bright due to overexposure to white, The dark area due to underexposure becomes black, seriously affecting the image quality.


                                                                       WDR OFF

When WDR on, in the same scene, the camera has very good quality image:

2 (2).jpg

                                                                          WDR ON

WODSEE Smart Zoom IPC: Great compatibility of plenty protocol and Brand NVR. Wide range of applicability.

1.Software: Free Mobile App and PC Client software, quick and convenient. 

2.Features: Support the latest ONVIF2.42 / GB28181 / SDK; Free P2P, BLC; 3D-DNR; DEFOG, Smart ROI(4 ROI region), Motion Detection, ... 

3.Multi-Brand NVR: Compatible with Hikvision, Dahua, XM H.264/265 NVR/POE NVR Private Protocol, such as HK iVMS4200.

4.Network Protocol: IPv4/IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP, RTSP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, 802.1x, ... 

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