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WODSEE Super Low Light, Sony Starvis IP Cameras

In April Wodsee new launches Super low light Starvis IP camera, with HiSilicon Hi3516E + SONY IMX 307 2.0 Mega Pixels Sony Starvis image sensor.

Compared to conventional Sony image sensors, Super starvis IMX307 provides two times higher definition than the conventional cameras. The light sensitivity of IMX307 sensor is the latest in this timeline, therefore providing unparalleled image quality, this advantages helping security camera get more colorful images under low light settings without using artificial illumination (Infrared lighting/white lighting) , including dark place illuminated only by starlight.

The superior low light performance of Starvis camera is also noticeable during daylight settings, especially in the door areas with low light. 

HH 2.8mm 300W镜头 彩色室内.jpg

YW 2.8-12mm 300W镜头 2.8mm状态 彩色室外.jpg

Color highlight scene: good transparency, more accurate color reproduction, and higher resolution.

YW 2.8-12mm 300W镜头 2.8mm状态 星光室外.jpg

Color low-light scene: In the dark environment seen by human eyes, it can restore brightness as daytime, with good transparency, bright colors, high definition, clear moving objects, less noise and less smear;

Even in completely dark conditions the F-number sensitivity dependency is much better of IMX307 Starvis camera, so image quality will also be better in black & white. 

YW 2.8-12mm 300W镜头 2.8mm状态 夜视室外.jpg

Night vision scene: black and white night vision images have high transparency, high definition, and clearer moving objects;

The quality that the Starvis image sensors provide completely surpasses the quality of previous cameras, for that reason Wodsee cameras now come with Sony IMX307  Starvis image sensors.

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