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Application Of Face Recognition Technology In Smart Policing

In this wave of artificial intelligence, the technology that can really apply landing in business is mainly the recognition and analysis of deep learning in terms of image and speech. Because AI is able to quickly structure the video processing, people, cars, things for rapid identification ratio, which is also related to the security of the current demand for intelligence coincides. At the same time, the security industry with video technology as the core has a large number of data sources, can fully meet the depth of learning for model training a lot of data requirements, as security services for the public security industry is accompanied by the construction of public security information and intelligent policing, artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in it.

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The urgent need of users in the public security industry is to find clues to criminal suspects in a large amount of video information. Artificial intelligence has a natural advantage in the feature extraction and content understanding of video content. Front-end camera built-in artificial intelligence chip, can analyze video content in real time, detect moving objects, identify people, vehicle attribute information, and pass through the network to the back-end artificial intelligence of the central database for storage. Aggregate a large amount of city-level information, and then the use of powerful computing power and intelligent analysis capabilities, artificial intelligence can carry out real-time analysis of the suspect's information, give the most likely clues to suggest, the suspect's trajectory locked from the original days, shortened to a few minutes, for the detection of the case to save valuable time. Its strong ability to interact, but also with the CPS to communicate in the natural language way, and truly become an expert assistant to the case handlers.

In the process of detecting and identifying people, cars and things, face recognition technology based on deep learning is widely used at present, and the use of face recognition technology in public security work has obtained good application effect in the fields of cloth control detection, criminal suspect identification, portrait identification and access control of key places.

Face recognition can make an important supplement to the video surveillance system technology already built by the Public Security Department, select the spot suitable for the face cloth control from the existing video platform to obtain the video data, and focus the case on the target warehousing, and in the aspect of identity authentication, it can realize the database of the block, the resident population pool, the temporary population library, the pursuit database, Key population pool, CCIC and other data image comparison, for household registration management, public security management, criminal investigation, the maintenance of stability and so on to provide high-tech means to provide favorable support for the harmonious stability of society!

Cloth control Troubleshooting: The developed Land, Sea and air transportation network makes the mobility of personnel greatly increased, while facilitating people's work and life, but also for criminals to provide convenience. In the airport, port, railway station, bus station and other public places to set up face recognition system, when the criminal suspect, wanted fugitive personnel and important drug traffickers, such as the emergence of timely identification and alarm;

Border checks: The deepening of opening up to the outside world and the increasing number of international exchanges have led to a steady surge in immigration personnel. To put a good border check, is to guard the country, to protect the security of the state. The face recognition system is set up in the border control channel, which can be identified and alerted in time when major suspects such as international terrorists enter the country and criminal suspects flee in major cases.

Identification of criminal suspects: Public security organs can use all kinds of portrait database to screen, compare and identify the images of criminal suspects with those of key population in the database of face recognition system, which can improve the efficiency of case handling.

Judicial portrait identification: In the criminal judicial appraisal, the video image obtained in the crime scene monitoring record can be used for the same identification as the suspect object; In civil action, the person in the material can be the same identification with the sample photo or someone, so as to determine whether the person in the test material and sample photos are the same or whether the figure in the material is someone.

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