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Definition Camera Index

Clarity index is a parameter of the camera to see the product brochure first time I will be concerned. In a sense, clarity index of the camera determines the grade.

The market most analog products with a more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution, the product is part of 960H program has reached the level of 700 lines. Pixel digital camera is more of a level of performance which can achieve the level of clarity, such as the 1.3 million pixels and 200 million pixels, roughly corresponding to 700TVL and 1000TVL. But the case of individual businesses or sweeping vacuity also exist. If analog cameras monogram Horizontal resolution 540TVL, pay attention will find that there are lines of small print behind the "center-definition."

Limited to the lens of the camera itself, factors CCDDSP programs, and some cameras can only be close to the center of the image showing the location of the highest resolution, but at the edge portion can not achieve this clarity, the overall average resolution might only 520TVL, even more low. Therefore, the need for additional attention to be selected.