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Face Recognition

Do you know better face recognition IP camera ?


Nowadays, Most other face recognition cameras on market are very small practicability. they just make a big publicity stunt,

1.bad quality of the captured pictures, slow speed of capture, only could capture 8pcs face once time,

2.and they cannot work on the places where the large flow and fast speed .


How is your comments ?



Our WODSEE team have broken through the new technology of face recognition product with higher algorithm and Best Hardware.

1.A good algorithm, our face algorithm is number one in domestic, high capture accuracy,

good image quality, is conducive to the back-end analysis and comparison, improve the accuracy of the comparison.

2. Hardware, our company make the best sony sensor, can capture higher quality face images in complex lighting scenes, which can defeat all wide dynamic products , such as Hikvision dahua.....


3 Our new face recognition product could do very perfect over 84% of face recognition Accuracy with best latest sensor. other supplier only 80% or less.


Professional  Intelligent Function :

*Built-in face intelligent face algorithm supports face capture in complex environments; support face

tracking, face exposure mode, automatic face filtering.

*Supports the detection, tracking, capturing, scoring, screening, feature extraction, and identification of sports faces, and outputs the optimal comparison results.

*Support face recognition area selection; multiple parameter settings, face parameter settings, professional capture rate

*Support face image and original image upload, face image encoding quality is adjustable

*up to 32 target detection per frame.

*Snapping times can be set.

*Face capture scenes are backlight scenes and common scenes for the backlight environment and the general environment respectively. Two modes can be set.

*Support face exposure function, wide dynamic range up to 145dB, suitable for monitoring under the backlight environment.

*Support SDK development, Https, HTTP, IPv4/IPv6 network protocol.

*Support compatible with HK, DH private protocol.

*Support POE optional.



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