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Great Night Vision Professional 3.0MP AHD Cameras

Wodsee 3MP AHD Camera(Nextchip2470H+SONY124) with great night vision was released on the 2nd week of March. Night Vision effect is Better than Sony323 starlight effect. 


Plastic/Metal Housing Available 

Dome/Bullet Housing Available    

Lens: 3.0MP 

 fixed lens(usually 3.6mm fixed lens)/Varifocal lens(usually 2.8-12mm manual lens) 

Solution: Nextchip2470H+SONY124 / 3.0 Megapixel, Night Vision King    

IR LED, need it or not, that’s up to you. 

Image effect of Day Vision:    

Image effect of Night Vision(withour IR LED):


1.3MP Lens, the most suitable lens for this solution.

2.Sony Sensor: The main difference compared with other 3.0MP AHD Camera, great night vision achieved. 

3. PCB Board Size 32*38 support many housings. 

4. Clearer: Advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, higher image resolution 2048*1536 

5. Longer Transmission: Coaxial transmission common 75-3 cable up to 500 meters 

6. Zero Delay, Front-end data without coding compression to the back-end, real-time, high fidelity 7. Good Compatibility, Compatible with ordinary D1/960 h, compatible with analog peripherals 

Welcome to contact us for samples or to check the 3.0MP AHD Camera(Nextchip2470H+SONY124) online demo.