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Wodsee Electronics Limited

Holiday For National Day And Mid-Autumn Festival Of Wodsee

My respected customers,

Thanks for your greatly support in the past 2017. Wodsee will close from Oct. 1st, 2017 to Oct. 07th ,2017 for Chinese National Day and Mid- Autumn Festival. If anything we can help please contact us via email and call us during this period. Just orders, shall let you wait after holiday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

National Day is the independent day of China, October.01st Solar calendar each year. Bless our country strong and prosperous, blessed our lives into a well-off, Happy National Day! 

Mid-Autumn Festival is on August 15th Lunar calendar each year. It means family reunion in China, we will accompany our parents, taste moon cake and appreciate full moon. Moon cake, a special and delicious food only for this traditional festival. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !


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