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How To Buy A CCTV Security Camera System

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, and is a system of security cameras all linked to one monitoring system. Since CCTV cameras are now gaining in popularity and becoming more affordable, homeowners can feel more comfortable knowing they can secure their home, home businesses and other personal properties. 

Here are some tips for you to make an informed purchase.


1.Evaluate your needs:

Do you want to monitor general comings and goings? Do you want to see faces, merchandise, crowds? Do you need wireless or wired cctv security systems? Do you need an indoor and/or outdoor CCTV camera systems? Would you benefit from an IP network camera? Do you need a 1, 2, 8 or 16 camera system? What is your budget?

2.Select the type of camera:

IP type or HD Analog type?

wired: a standard wired color security camera. Most wired security cameras today are indoor/outdoor and have an IR (infrared) cut-filter for night vision (the night vision image will be in black & white for improved contrast and image detail). Wired cameras are available in BNC or CVBS or Ethernet(connection ports) and will require video extension cables.

wireless: More and more people are turning to wireless cameras as a cost-effective way of building a comprehensive surveillance system in their home or business. The latest digital wireless cameras are secure, free of interference from household devices, and offer crystal clear video and audio.


3. The Type and Quality of the Imaging Chip in the camera: CCTV security cameras produce images using CMOS or CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips.

4. Understand light level: One of the most important specifications. Light levels are measured in Lux. The lower the number, the less light it will take to reproduce a clear image.

5. Understand resolution: The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be.

6. Select a monitor that will match the resolution of your CCTV camera system. For IP camera, PC can be used as monitor.


7. Choose the right recorder: NVR, DVR and XVR.

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