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How To Choose Security Monitoring Power Supply Scheme

Security monitoring equipment power supply is the most concerned by security engineering concerns. In recent years, almost all security monitoring manufacturers are pushing Poe cable power supply, but why the security monitoring equipment power supply or strong power and centralized supply mode more? We first understand the security monitoring power supply of three modes.

Security monitoring power supply mode mainly includes: Point-to-point independent power supply (commonly known as the deployment of strong power, choose power Adapter Supply), centralized power supply, Poe network cable power supply.

Point-to-point independent power supply mode

Point-to-point independent power supply refers to direct from the monitoring room 220V AC, the middle of the use of wire/combination line (network cable + wire), and then a separate dc12/24v power adapter next to the camera, and then connected to the surveillance camera, each power supply only for a camera to provide power.

Point-to-point independent power supply mode

1. Advantages of independent power supply

Easy repair and replacement: When the camera fails, can quickly troubleshoot and repair or replace equipment; Power supply Distance: Using strong 220V output, can cascade, power supply distance, and basically no loss.

2. the lack of independent power supply

Relatively high cost: the cost of deploying multiple independent monitoring power adapters is higher than the centralized power supply for the same power output;

Weak safety and stability: strong power than weak electricity risk, line aging + mouse easily lead to short-circuit and even fire. and independent monitoring power and camera distance more in outdoor environment, vulnerable to lightning and other external factors such as the impact of damage.

Centralized power supply mode

Centralized power supply refers to the 220V power supply 12/24v 4A Central power supply one, and then with the 2*1.0 red and Black power cord/combination line is connected to the camera, no need to install additional power adapter in the front of the camera. The biggest difference between this mode and the point-to-point independent power supply mode is that one power supply can provide power to multiple cameras.


Centralized power supply mode

1. the advantages of centralized power supply

Low cost: Due to the high cost performance of centralized power supply, the cost of power supply system with centralized supply mode is low.

Simple maintenance: The centralized power supply mode, convenient routing, easy construction, easy to manage.

2. the disadvantage of centralized power supply

The early stage of the deployment complexity: Centralized power supply is not the power of all surveillance cameras to simply add, but also to consider the loss of electricity, the market is uneven, so this way for engineers demanding high.

There is a system risk: if the power supply is not used in the centralized power supply mode, if the problem occurs, the entire monitoring system will not work properly, into a state of paralysis.

Poe Cable Power mode

Poe network cable Power refers to the existing Ethernet cabling architecture without making any changes, through a network cable both to the front-end IP camera power supply, but also to transmit data mode, commonly known as cable power. There are two main types of Poe cable power supply available on the market.

1. 12/24v passive POE Cable power supply


The lowest cost: The general use of the network cable 45+78-line sequence power supply, with the corresponding rotary pressure separator can be a lot of front-end devices that do not support network cable power, only need to pass a network cable to solve the problem of power supply and data transmission.


Deployment is more complex: need to understand the voltage of the power supply equipment, select the corresponding switch and separator, do not recommend that you choose 12V Passive power supply switch and straight-through separator, because in the transmission of the same power, 12V passive power switch transmission distance is only 30 meters, there will be insufficient voltage, power loss serious, 24V can be used under 15W equipment power supply, distance can reach hundred meters.

Poor security stability: the existing market most 24V/12V network cable power supply switches for direct-supply, and the selection of power supply is basically no 3C certification of inferior power supply, switch port is also no lightning protection, to product follow-up use brings security risks.

To address the above issues, the new high-reliability 24-volt POE Power switch, the full range of products with 6KV protection of the 3C Certified power supply, switch all ports support 6KV Lightning protection and three-shift power switch control. With the excellent 24V to 12V separator, truly solve non-Poe camera, access control, bridge and other front-end equipment in the project deployment of complex deployment, high cost of power-taking.

2. 44-57v standard Poe Cable power supply


Strong security Compatibility: Contains PSE chip, the detection of access is the standard equipment to power. PC, switch, NVR and other non-standard PD equipment can also be casually connected, will not burn the device; compliant with AF/AT standard, Plug and Play


Relatively high cost: the front-end device to add PD chip, the switch to add PSE chip, so the overall product price is relatively high.

Selection of power supply mode for security monitoring

Specific how to choose the power supply mode, depending on the customer installation environment and the actual needs, the recommendations are as follows:

1. if the field strong power deployment has been good, easy access to electricity, low cost. Then select the point-to-point power adapter or centralized Power + normal switch to solve the data transmission and power supply problems of the front-end device.

2. if the front-end device does not support network cable power terminal equipment, deployment of strong electrical trouble, high cost. Then select the corresponding buck separator +24v non-standard cable power supply switch is to solve the data transmission and power supply problems of the front-end equipment is the most cost-effective choice.

3. if the front-end device is to support network cable power supply terminal equipment, deployment of strong electrical trouble, high cost. Then choose the corresponding 44-57V standard Poe network cable power supply is to solve the front-end equipment data transmission and power supply problems the most cost-effective choice.

Poe network cable power supply foreground period

From the recent two years of security exhibition in large and medium-sized enterprises display Poe equipment more and more can be seen, Poe cable power technology is poised to be sent. But because of the domestic several large-size anti-giant cameras do not support Poe power supply and support Poe power supply of the existence of the price difference, Poe power switch cost higher, uneven equipment quality, some manufacturers of equipment poor lightning performance, their own power consumption, heat dissipation reasons, the engineering friends think that Poe equipment is unreliable, It is preferred to use independent power supply or centralized power supply to solve the problem of power supply of the monitoring camera, so that Poe power supply has not become mainstream.

I believe that with the front-end support Poe power supply equipment, the price of products gradually decreased, more and more manufacturers to launch a cost-effective Poe network cable power switch, project labor costs gradually increased, the engineers began to realize the Poe separator and Poe power supply switch application value, Poe power supply technology will eventually become the mainstream of security monitoring power supply.