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Maximum Aperture Of The Camera

The real value of the maximum aperture of the camera's performance in low light conditions to improve the amount of light, so as to achieve the optimum combination of exposure. Shooting landscapes generally do not claim the ability to blur the lens.

In addition, unless otherwise dark place outside lens diameter generally less demanding. However, when the 70-200mm zoom lens installed 2x teleconverter telephoto focal length becomes 400mm and leaving autofocus with AF, the best choice is the maximum aperture F2.8 lens. Large aperture is conducive to accurate focusing in dark conditions. Shooting with a large diameter lens figure even in low light where the handset can use natural light shooting. In addition, a large maximum aperture of the lens can bring a faster shutter speed, so sports photography also need large-aperture lens.

Another reason to require a large aperture lens is free to be able to blur the background, and ensure the blur quality. When the maximum aperture F1.4 lens aperture down to F2, the image quality or whether it is the quality of the blur background are stronger than the maximum aperture of the lens F2. Therefore, a large-aperture lens narrow f-stop has considerable value, should make good use of any photographer shot this feature.