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NVRs And DVRs Will Not Be Killed By Smart Cameras

As the core storage and analysis equipment of video surveillance, NVR and DVR play a decisive role in the security monitoring market. Whether it is Smart IPC or Intelligent Camera embedded  intelligent front-end module, it’s an obvious ungrounded advertising saying they will replace the position of NVR and DVR. 

Recognize the form of the front-end intelligence

In fact, the intelligent cameras have been discussed a few years ago, but only one or two years ago, with the development of chip technology, it has gradually entered the stage of commercialization stage. From the current analysis of the industry research field, front-end intelligence is the application form of intelligent video camera for video intelligentization when collecting video information. It is based on the original network camera to add intelligent algorithm module (and CPU itself can conduct simple intelligent analysis)

The operation of a smart camera can be composed of five parts: the image acquisition of the camera lens, A / D and image preprocessing, intelligent analysis and calculation, coding and compression and network transmission. With reference to the processing capability of the network camera CPU, then make the decision according to the application scenario need to embed intelligent algorithm module or not, at present, it is widely used in the face recognition and license plate recognition, and can realize the alarm function in the areas of museums, banks and etc. 

The form of NVR and DVR

As the core product of video surveillance in the process of IT security protection, NVR has essentially become IT products. The threshold of its own intellectualization has dropped to a very low level, and it first receives the digital video stream transmitted by IPC (network camera), DVS (video encoder) and other devices through the network, and realizes the intellectualized analysis of the video data during storage and reading. From this development perspective, front-end intelligent analysis is just an extension of the back-end intelligence, in order to improve the efficiency of video surveillance for data processing, freeing the staff from massive data and saving operation cost. 

The front end of the DVR product is the analog camera, which is the storage and reading device of the rear end of the coaxial closed circuit system. Compared with the general users, if the DVR product is selected, it is proved that its price and functional requirements will not tend to choose the intelligent analysis, neither of their compatibility.

Therefore, intelligent front-end cameras will not pose a real threat to DVR products. Instead, the biggest challenge comes from the NVR products in the era of high-definition network. However, in the low-end market, the distribution of DVRs is large enough not to worry about being eliminated, but we should pay attention to the evolution of the technology on how to meet the new market demand.

The disadvantage of front-end intelligence

The current front-end intelligent cameras are all encouraging about the benefits, but the limitations of front-end intelligence should also be uncovered. Such as algorithm and power consumption, the cost of the chip, the functions and the application of environment. A real example is that if hot summer outdoor, the CPU of intelligent camera appears in the hot sun to continuously processes video data, which may lead to the problem of heat dissipation not appearing in time. Another limitation to the popularization and application of smart cameras is that they can’t be used in noisy and of the widespread adoption of smart cameras is that they can not be used in noisy and mobile environments. This requires high performance for intelligent algorithms and CPU, and the cost of the cost is also naturally high. 

At present, according to the feedback from the first-tier market, the intelligent functions of the camera are sold with added value, this is another differentiated competitive trend that differentiates the professional applications, technology and cost has become an urgent problem to solve. Many enterprises in the industry have also begun to solve, the future application will be more popular and expanded. 

The intelligentization of whole security system 

So the problem still needs to be made clear. Will the future front-end smart cameras kill back-end products like NVR and DVR?

First of all, from a practical point of view, if the video monitoring data of an area by the intelligent camera for collection, storage, analysis, processing and transmission. As users, dare you? Don’t you worry about your camera being stolen? Not afraid of the camera data stored inside would be cracked to be used? Once your camera was stolen, your home monitoring system to restore the status quo, how much is the time required, will pose a threat to the safe operation of the enterprise? Not a last resort, who will put all the eggs in one basket. In the process of security intelligence, it can not escape the natural development law of first the spots and then the entire areas.

The intelligent front-end cameras, like NVRs and DVRs, are an component that builds the entire intelligent security system. In my opinion, they both have a certain competitive relationship, but also have the obligation of dividing work and cooperation. Because the back-end equipment is indeed in the face of peak time, tired of multiple camera data input and analysis, so the task of the intelligent front-end camera is optimize the information collected by the cameras, and make the distinction between what is value and what does not need to be transmitted to the backstage. The back end devices will further process the data transmitted by these front-end, and then extract the core data, which will provide a scientific decision-making basis for decision makers. It should be the development trend of security intelligence to improve the efficiency of work within the scope of overloaded application.

All things in the world are always game-related. Security industry should respect science and sort out development ideas in the process of realizing intelligence. Market is a life and death target of testing the contribution value of products. The research and development of the new products has poured a lot of effort,  and has spent a lot of manpower and resources of enterprise, which you can advertise, but not indiscriminate blowing.

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