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Operating Method Of Setting The Camera

High-definition surveillance cameras mainly reflected in the clarity of the screen, to achieve clarity of the screen, not just a horizontal resolution of 540TVL on the line, preferably also have some wide dynamic, automatic white balance, sharpness of the image adjustment, super digital noise reduction (SNR), intelligent digital automatic metering compensation function. Shandong today with your camera to find out the operating method of setting the camera.

Operating mainly from the setting the camera parameter setting is convenient for you to visit. HD camera operation, primarily through the menu and to adjust the DIP two ways. The camera with the need to pay attention to the menu menu function is rich, is it easy to fine, can meet the different complex monitoring environment. Chinese than English menus Debug menu intuitive and easy to use. Some cameras have a standard menu during the day, night, night KTV entertainment, custom mode, you only need to select a mode to be able to easily cope with a variety of complex environmental needs, quickly and easily.