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Prospect Analysis Of Global Face Recognition Industry - Market Will Reach 7.595 Billion Dollars

With the rapid development of science and technology, especially in the fields of computer and network, the automatic recognition technology of biometrics has been widely researched and developed. In today's information explosion of the society, the security and concealment becomes more and more important, how to effectively and easily authenticate and identify, more and more become a very prominent problem.

Traditional authentication methods such as identity cards, the password card, password card and so on all exist many problems, and along with each kind of crack technology unceasing progress, also faces the more and more serious challenge, the face recognition technology as the human vision Most outstanding ability, because of its harmless and to the user most intuitive natural way, Therefore, it has become the most promising way in the field of biometrics automatic identification technology.

According to the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute published "Face Recognition industry market forward-looking and investment strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that 2009, the global biometric market scale of 3.422 billion U.S. dollars, of which face recognition accounted for 11.4%, the market size of about 390 million U.S. dollars; by the year 2016, The global biometrics market is about $12.713 billion trillion, of which the face recognition scale is about 2.653 billion dollars, accounting for about 20%.


2009-2016 Global Face recognition industry market development trend (Unit: million dollars)

Face recognition has non contact, friendly, direct, rapid, extensive and so on, in security, education, payment, national defense, finance and other areas of great potential, the future period of time is expected to face recognition market size will maintain growth of about 20%, by the year of 2022, the global face recognition market will reach 7.595 billion U.S. dollars.


2017-2022 Global Face recognition industry market and forecast (Unit: Billion dollars)

According to the trend of technology development, more and more research institutes have begun to study the face recognition technology in order to find a better and newer face recognition technology. Among them, the long distance face recognition technology and 3D face recognition technology is one of the main research directions, although there are some difficulties in the application of these technologies, the application of long distance face recognition technology and 3D face recognition technology will be the direction of development in the future.

From the market trend, with the rapid development of High-tech information technology, the future face recognition technology will be gradually to market-oriented, product development direction. In addition, face recognition technology has more and more product types, such as face recognition based on skin color, face recognition technology based on point position, face recognition technology based on geometrical features, and so on. It can be foreseen that with the extension of the application of face recognition technology, there will be more and more targeted face recognition products.

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