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Some Commonly Used Time Servers NTP

Network synchronization is often required when using network video surveillance equipment, such as IP Camera, NVR and DVR. The following are some stable time servers can be used.


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Method for synchronously monitoring device time using NTP time server

Enter the time server address, which can be either a domain name or an IP address. The port number is 123 by default and the synchronization time is selected as needed.

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Other time synchronization methods

1.Manually set, access the camera through the webpage or client, manually set the camera time or synchronize time with the computer.

2. The device comes with a button battery and saves time. Some CCTV cameras,DVR,NVR motherboards with button batteries can save time and ensure time accuracy. If the time is not accurate after a period of time, the gap is very large, consider whether the button battery is used up, replace it. Some less-demanding IP cams now use crystal oscillations to synchronize time.

3. When time correction for the platform, the CCTV camera is connected to the DVR and NVR, and the platform comes to calibrate. For example, cloud access platform, access management platform, etc.

4. When use the DVR and NVR to do time correction for the CCTV camera, first guarantee the DVR, NVR itself time is accurate, and then give time calibration to the IP cameras.

In some cases, the device cannot access the time server on the network and can only run on a LAN. At this point you can consider setting up a time server in the LAN to calibrate the device. The general time server is connected to the GPS to do time calibration.