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Some Tips For Security People Must Know During Installation

Some Tips for Security people must know during installation

We know that when install cameras, we must pay attention to the installation of the location and angle, in order to avoid the occurrence of the screen suddenly bad problems.  

What situations may have?  we collected the following case:

Question 1: daytime good, while excessive exposure at night, why?    

Case one: the camera is too close to the wall and the walls are exposed    

Front of the camera is too close to the wall, should adjust the camera to the left position, to avoid infrared light through the wall directly into the lens.  

Case two: There are trees before the camera, the trunk is exposed

Trunk of the tree is too close to the front of the camera, night vision will lead to excessive exposure of the trunk, can’t achieve night vision monitoring effect; should adjust the position of the camera, should avoid the trees. 

Case three: Monitor scene has great light source, the light source is exposed

There is a lantern on the edge of the camera screen, reflecting a lot of infrared light, night vision will cause the lanterns to be exposed, the lanterns are bright, the right picture is dark.

The position of the bulb in the picture is too close to the camera, and the light is turned on and the camera will show a big halo, or camera strong convergence to see the light bulb, the other areas will be black. 

To achieve a better night vision effect, adjust the current camera installation position, with the choice of WODSEE star-light camera, you can show more high-definition full-color night vision. ↓ ↓ ↓

↑ ↑ ↑ The picture shows the effect of WODSEE star-light camera

1)Open scene to install the camera should ensure that the scope of view does not appear light source cover, because the camera exposure strategy is high priority. 

2)Two cameras installed as far as possible to avoid the head to head, you can monitor two directions. Do not have lights and other light sources of direct interference, so as not to affect the night vision effect. 

Question 2: Bright and dark contrast, why? 

Case one: The camera is facing the sun outdoors, causing the darkness to dark, bright too bright

↑ ↑ ↑ The two scenes of the camera is outside, at a certain time, the sun will be directly reflected to the lens, the internal light relative to the outside of the sun will cause a typical wide dynamic scene. That is, very different brightness of the scene, bright place is too exposed, dark place too dark, lost all the details.

In need to monitor the scene of the shop door or window and etc., which can not avoid the situation of backlight, you need to select a wide dynamic dedicated camera such as WODSEE WDR camera. If you have installed a normal camera you can adjust the lens, to avoid direct sunlight.

PS: A lot of problems for the camera are common, effective to avoid, so that we can get a better monitoring effect!