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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Power Supply Mode For CCTV Camera

In the CCTV projects, we should consider which power supply mode for camera can get the best image and how to save the project cost.

Firstly, we should learn several power supply mode of cameras in CCTV projects.

1. Centralized power supply

Centralized power supply refers to the centralized installation of the source equipment in the power room and the battery room, and the power is distributed to each communication equipment by the unified transformation.

The functions of centralized monitoring

The object of Data center management mainly includes infrastructure and IT infrastructure two parts, such as power distribution, network equipment, security and so on. Centralized monitoring is to be able to manage and through the application of technology to Monitor infrastructure and IT infrastructure, in order to operate the situation and real-time detection and notification of failures and anomalies; in addition, it can also provide the basis for analysis of capacity management, incident management, problem management and compliance management by collecting and arranging monitoring data, and finally realizing the high availability of data center aims.

Advantages: Construction more convenient, easy to maintain, unified control and management.

Disadvantages: DC low-voltage power supply transmission distance is too high voltage loss, poor anti-interference ability during transmission.

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2. Point-to-point power supply 

Point-to-point power supply refers to directly from the monitoring room leads to 220V AC, 

then connect a DC12V power supply beside the camera,and connect to the camera and install the bracket.

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Advantages: 220V AC voltage transmission is in the low loss,with anti-interference ability.

Disadvantages: Each point to install a power supply, construction is more troublesome.

3. PoE power supply

PoE power supply refers to the technology of providing DC power supply to other devices without any modification to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure, which is mainly applied to the HD network digital monitoring system.

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Advantages: Reduce costs, deployment flexibility, convenient and beautiful, beautiful, single-port maximum power up to 30W.

Disadvantages: high quality requirements of the network cable, transmission distance is limited, the power equipment can not exceed 30W power.