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The Video Monitoring Storage Program

As we all know, video surveillance from analog signals develop to digital network signals, and the form of storage devices also from DVR change to NVR, centralized IPSAN storage, and even more advanced cloud storage.

In the new Anti-terrorism law requires the collected video image information shall be kept for a period of not less than 90 days. Among them, the places to be performed include government agencies, banks, large-scale urban activities, airports, railway stations, urban rail transit stations and other key objectives and the video from more than 30 days to be adjusted for more than 90 days.

In order to comply with the new regulations, it is necessary to re-consider the construction of the monitoring storage program.


 For users, IPSAN and cloud storage scheme of centralized storage scheme can well meet the demand. IPSAN can meet the application requirements, while Cloud has advanced and forward-looking technology. For the early construction of the DVR and NVR program, due to the lower equipment specifications can not adapt to the high capacity of the long period of storage, so you can take advantage of this upgrade directly to the centralized storage scheme, IPSAN or storage devices based on one machine. It usually has two methods: one is the mainframes unchanged, increasing the longitudinal expansion mode of showcase (relative to mainframes, better economy) ; Besides,some manufacturers can not meet the disk number of extensions, you will need to increase the mainframes in order to expand the system capacity. If related to large-scale access channels expansion project, and a new monitoring point for a certain number of a demand, customers often choose cloud storage scheme. Cloud storage is the most advanced in the field of video surveillance storage scheme. It uses a distributed cluster virtualization development, unified resource management, data reliability, high flexibility, space expansion system easy to maintain.In fact ,cloud storage is the preferred solution on large scale integrated video monitoring or upgrade projects.


Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the video monitoring storage cycle from 30 days to 90 days. From the technical level, there is no big problem. However, one of the most important problems we can not ignore is the expansion of the user investment costs increased exponentially, which for any user, have to face the problem. H.265 coding technology and U-Code encoding technology is new technology to solved the problem, H.265 coding technology only reduce half of the storage space than H.264, H.265 encoding with U-Code camera technology, the 50% can be reduced based on further reducing the storage space required.


With determining the technical feasibility of upgrade scheme and reduce the construction cost, we should pay attention to the public security video investigation of timeliness, safety and details with higher requirements based on the need to fully consider the following aspects:

Firstly, time value of the video : retained period of 7 days to 90 days of data changing time value is decreasing, so it can be used to save the original video before 30 days, and draw frame storage after 60 days.

Secondly,the density video value. In large capacity video, there are only a few seconds to retain value, so using video abstract or concentrated storage;

Thirdly, safety of storage pool : the storage need to guarantee the reliability of the hardware and content so can take the cloud storage scheme;

Besides,video value: cross time video reconnaissance and cross domain video judged is the largest value of the video reflects the expansion.

Therefore, the construction of intelligent analysis and based on the synchronization Big data analysis advanced management system, give full play to the potential value of 90 days of storage data.


In order to follow the tread,Wodsee released professional Face Detection POE NVR with Cloud storage.