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The Video Surveillance System Is City Eye For City Security

Guangzhou Railway Station is an important railway passenger hub in southern China, the daily traffic volume of the railway station is 700,000.

In such a densely populated, case-prone areas, the incidence rate is declining year by year, behind this, "City Eye" - video surveillance system - in the social security prevention and control play an important role.

In the Guangzhou Railway Station area, we have built 101 high-definition camera guns, no dead ends, all covered in the railway station square and the surrounding area.- Guangzhou Railway Station official introduction, We also took the lead in the introduction of panoramic video technology, by the combination of seven high-definition bullet camera to form a panoramic view of the railway station square, once the square unexpected situation, we can first Time to track the abnormal situation, greatly enhance the control of the region's ability and accurate command effectiveness. 


Not only the Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou City in 2005 from the city to carry out public safety high-definition video surveillance construction, has built a camera 574,000, built high-speed road bayonet system 1590 sets, to achieve the main roads, key parts, key areas, Key places and other public areas covered.

Wodsee video surveillance system products are also widely use in the area such as bank, shopping mall, road, warehouse, parking slot and ect, as one of the big security camera manufacturers in south of China, Wodsee do it’s own contribution for China and the world security.

In the continuous development of monitoring equipment 2017, Wodsee will do their best to serve every customer and for World security! Wodsee, World see.