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Tips To Identify The Authenticity Of The Camera

General commercial grade surveillance cameras are based on 420 lines, 480 lines, 520 lines, and so on to represent the camera's resolution, the number of lines on the monitor horizontal scan. The mouth of the businesses tend to be exaggerated pixels, so I chose not to surveillance cameras, as measured in pixels. Shandong camera manufacturer today with you to understand how to identify the authenticity of the camera.

Accordance with the interpretation professionals, surveillance cameras usually only two grades, low resolution of about 330 lines, about 480 high resolution lines. Many domestic enterprises products labeled 420 line 330 line is the actual product. In the past it was generally referred to as the 480 line HD camera video camera. With the improvement of production technology, processing capacity of the DSP 7MH high pass filter in the horizontal resolution of around 520 lines, so it came with a further high-definition surveillance cameras products. But in essence, the only existing analog surveillance cameras in DSP and manufacturing technologies on the basis of an extreme hoist that combines a traditional 480-line high-definition standard increased to 520 lines or 540 lines.

The actual performance of the camera image clarity, in addition to the CCD technology indicators, such as the back-end signal processing circuit Crochet, contrast, color reproducibility, signal to noise ratio, the choice of lens, focusing accuracy, among other factors, can affect image sharpness.