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To Save Cost Of Monitoring Project, What Kinds Of Power Supply Mode Does The Camera Have?

The power supply is a device that converts other forms of energy into electricity. In the security industry, as peripheral equipment power supply plays a heavy weight of the role. such as security engineering how to make video surveillance camera better cost savings, power supply mode is very important.

1. Centralized power supply

Centralized power supply refers to the centralized installation of the source equipment in the Power room and battery room, the communication power can be distributed by the unified transformation of the way to the communication equipment.

The advantage of centralized power supply scheme is to control and manage the power supply plan, reduce the use of engineering cable, and beautify the engineering route. Note, however, that when using a centralized power supply scheme, you should ensure that the total capacity of the centralized power supply equipment is greater than that of the back-level load business capacity. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the line diameter of the front-line cable to meet all the load of the current demand.

Centralized power supply: In the 220V power supply to the 12V centralized power supply one, and then use the 2*1.0 red-Black power cord respectively to the camera, 12V power supply distance of not more than 100 meters. In a single power cord connector, connect a single power cord connector to the monitor camera power connector. Centralized power supply means the use of 12V switching power supply in the monitoring room or at a middle point to the front-end load centralized power supply.

Advantages: Convenient construction, easy maintenance, unified control and management.

Disadvantage: DC Low-voltage power supply transmission distance over far voltage loss is high, the transmission process anti-interference ability is poor.

The data center's management object mainly includes the infrastructure and IT infrastructure, including the power distribution, UPS, air conditioning, fire, security, environmental monitoring and other computer room systems, infrastructure including network equipment, host equipment, storage devices and other IT equipment.

The goal of centralized monitoring is to be able to use management and technology, monitor the operation of infrastructure and IT infrastructure and realize real-time discovery and notification of faults and anomalies; In addition, through the collection and collation of monitoring data, for capacity management, event management, problem management, compliance management to provide the basis for analysis, The goal of ultimately achieving high availability of data centers.

2. Point to point power supply

Point-to-Point power supply refers to the direct extraction of 220V AC from the monitoring room, a separate $literal power supply next to the camera, and then the monitor camera, install the bracket can be.

Advantages: 220V AC power in the transmission process voltage loss is low, anti-jamming ability is strong.

Disadvantage: Every point to install a power supply, construction more trouble.

3. Poe Power supply

Poe Power refers to the technology of providing DC power to other devices without any alteration in the existing Ethernet CAT.5 cabling infrastructure, which is mainly applied to HD Network digital monitoring System.

Advantages: Lower cost, flexible deployment, single port maximum power up to 30W.

Disadvantages: High quality of network cable, transmission distance is limited.


Centralized power supply is not recommended when using IR cameras. Because the current is large when the infrared is turned on, it is difficult to ensure the infrared effect of all the cameras in centralized power supply.

Point to the point of power, near the electricity, can save the line, is a great savings, but after-sale maintenance, to the extreme maintenance difficult; This is certain, centralized power supply has a benefit, after the maintenance is simple, not easy to problem, but not the more wire, if you do this alone to pat the buttocks to go away then you use point to point to power, It's a long term or a good power supply.

If the socket is more than the nearest to take electricity, if not more then use the concentration can be, if it is indoors, you can use a good point of the sheathed power cord.

When the number of cameras, power supply distance of not more than 100 meters, the proposed use of Poe power supply, not special construction, convenient and efficient, but pay attention to the choice of Poe power supply equipment.