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World Cup Security High Technology, To Understand?

World Cup security High technology, to understand?




The early security system of stadiums is closed and flat, which is basically security check equipment, access control,video surveillance and so on. As a "touchstone", the application of series security products on Olympic Games and World Cup, accelerated standardization and high-end process of the security industry. The huge market and impact of large-scale sporting events decide that  its products must be high-quality and  new technology.


Early global security products providers are mainly from Siemens, Honeywell, GE and other old security Enterprise. 2008 years later, with High-definition, intelligence, AI development and system on the back-end platform access capability and rapid response service requirements, more and more domestic and international large-scale venues construction, China's security products gradually become mainstream.


The construction of stadium security system should be based on nuclear identification, access control, physical isolation, prevention and disposal of emergency events, to achieve emergency linkage and decision-making of security system, and timely early warning and control of all kinds of suspicious phenomena, unexpected events occurred in the arena. And the security of sports event needs to jump out of sports venues, covering the urban areas, streets, airports, subways, etc., to achieve the city, regional, street and venues unified Police control and rapid response. Video needs to be cascaded, and prevention and control need stereo.


Rio Playback: It is reported that during the Olympic Games, Brazil has 88,000 people from the military and fire and other 21 agencies to participate in the event security work. At the same time, Brazil has maintained close communication with some 100 countries and regions to cooperate against terrorism. Moreover, the Olympic Security Information Centre was established in Brasilia to handle all information. In addition to Rio, other cities with an Olympic soccer program also have a safety information center. In addition , Rio also increased the layout of surveillance equipment, Rio's surveillance camera increased to 6,200 from the beginning of the 3,500, the number of almost doubled. In addition to the new use of unmanned aircraft monitoring, luggage cargo scanners, wireless intercom and other security equipment. The smart cameras in every corner of the stadium can provide a richer range of operating options for direct field photographers, enabling remote control cameras to be used for 360°view filming.


The stadium's front-end monitoring points which include stadium entrances, surrounding squares, outdoor parking lots, auditorium areas, large-scale and focused key monitoring sites. can install HD Speed Dome cameras; the audience entrance, rostrum (area), VIP room ( Regional network), VIP channel, referee zone, athlete zone, competition management zone, news media zone, and other key parts can install HD network IP cameras; for other general office rooms or channels monitoring target range where prevention requirements are not high, can install SD or HD cameras. The IP video image is connected to the core switch of the monitoring center through the video transmission network of the gymnasium. The security master control center implements centralized management and control of video images, and is composed of various application support servers and storage device control devices.


Highlights Products: 4K HD IP camera, Super Starvis/Starlight Camera, PTZ Lookout camera, panoramic linkage camera, Face recognition camera system, License Plate Recognition security system, GoalControl door line technology, integrated platform and so on.


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