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Best 360 Degree Video Camera

Best 360 Degree Video Camera

WS130-F06: wifi 360 degree VR camera; support two-way audio with your family or work life; support onvif to work with NVR, more easy work in PC client.

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Product Details

Best 360 degree video camera


Main Features:        



△1.44mm Lens,360°View

△Infrared night vision 10M

△Two-way Audio(Listen/Speak)

△Alarm Picture Push


Technical Specifications




Remote view, playback, two-ways audio, Motion detecting, Alarm picture push, variety of video recording mode









Pan & Tilt

Pan Range:0°-360°, Tilt Range: -90°-90°


H.264/25fps, main stream(960P), sub stream(VGA)

Night vision

IR-CUT flitter, 5-10M(differs from environment)

Minimum Illumination

0.02Lux@ (F 2.0, VGC ON),0.Lux with IR


WIFI(IEEE802.11b/g/n)/1 RJ45 10/100M LAN Port


ADPCM/two ways

Network protocol



Support image push


Support onvif (compatible with ONVIF NVR)


Micro SD/TF (64G Max)

Power Supply


Working environment

-10°~50°, 10%~90%

※360 Degree View,Multi View Window option,rotation angle can be adjusted

※P2P,Plug-play,Mobile APP: WODSEE-CCTV

※Support real-time video,TF card max in 64G storage,Automatic Covering

※Electronic PTZ function, multi angle monitoring at the same time,Electronic zoom function

※Support ONVIF protocol, compatible with NVR that based on ONVIF

※Minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux @(F2.0,AGC ON), 0 Lux with IR

This is our own designed model which looks like a mirror. What amazing most is that this camera supports 360 degree view. It supports ONVIF protocol, P2P, real-time video, TF card and Infrared night vision 10M.


Industry News:

What Are The Advantages Of Array LED Camera When Compared To Traditional LED Camera?

Compared to Traditional LED Camera, what are the advantages of Array LED Camera? Recently, we have been asked about this question by some of our clients. Therefore, today we will introduce the advantages of array LED to all of you.


1. High brightness

Obviously, higher brightness can provide a longer long distance of irradiation. The output power of a single traditional LED normally is 5-15mW. Although there are 40-50mW or more output power of LED in the market now, it still cannot be better than single array LED. Because it is with design of thermoelectric separation. However, the biggest output power of array LED can reach about 2000mW or more. That means that array LED can have a longer shoot distance even it is smaller.


As mentioned above, with a same brightness, the size of array LED is much smaller, because it is highly integrated.

3.The angle of light

As we all known, there is a optical design of spherical surface on traditional LED. This design is to change e size of the spot. But when few pieces of this LED are working together, the light will consist of few spots. What’s more, light of overlap will be very strong and shape a big circle which is called Torch Effect. Therefore, the light of the night image is not uniform.

But single array LED is large light source. With the help of special optical design, the light can illuminate target uniformly. So, the night image is better.

4.Long life

Because the way of heat radiation and material are different from traditional LED, array LED can radiate faster. That is very helpful for protecting CCD board. Therefore, it have a 5-10 times longer life compared to traditional one.

5.Higher efficiency

By the characteristics of the semiconductor itself, the luminous efficiency and cooling performance is a virtuous circle. The higher efficiency of illumination, the lower operating temperature. 

In conclusion, subject to cost, clarity and application areas as well as unique properties of laser and other luminous materials, array LED is still the best and practical solution of security camera. It improves the night image when there are some defects of tradition LED.

WODSEE New Arrival of Dual-light IP cameras are available now. These cameras are including 2 pieces of array IR LED and 2 pieces of array white LED which is to record colorful face detail at night. 

For more details, please contact us via


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