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SAHDPT-TF Night Vision Optical Zoom Surveillance HD Analog CCTV AHD Speed Dome Camera

SAHDPT-TF Night Vision Optical Zoom Surveillance HD Analog CCTV AHD Speed Dome Camera

WODSEE is one of the best sahdpt-tf night vision optical zoom surveillance hd analog cctv ahd sped dome camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.SAHDPT-TF Night vision...

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SAHDPT-TF Night vision optical zoom surveillance hd analog cctv AHD sped dome camera


1) Adopt SONY high performance  CMOS

1.Adopt high performance 1/3" SONY CMOS;

2.Adopt 4x high definition colour camera;

3.Rotate 360°in horizontal direction,driven by exact engine,operate stably with Precise position-setting;

4.Pelco-D and Pelco-P are compatible and Baud rate is adjustable.


Apply to roads, warehouses, underground parking and other place which required definition picture quality.





Image Sensor

1/3" CMOS

Signal Model


Horizontal Resolution



Effective Pixel



Minimun Illumination

Color:0.01Lux  Black:0.001Lux

S/N Radio


Backlight Compensation


White Balance


Electronic shutter

PAL:1/50~1/10000s  NTSC:1/60~1/12000s

Focus Length


Optical Focus



Auto/Manual/Auto zoom



Patrol Track

4 groups,each can record 3mins

Cruise Track

4 groups,each can add 16 presets

IR distance


Horizontal Range

Unlimted rotation

Vertical Range


Manual Speed




Preset Call Speed

Max 80°/s

Sync System

Internal /Line lock

IR life

30000 hour


AB scan, patrol track,guard position,ratio zoom,timing function,dome camera’s title

IR light angle

Infrared zoom matching technology

IR light power

Auto adjusting

IR light model


Cooling Structure

Dustproof structure outside the circle





Protection Level


Work Environment



1.Network video surveillance system monitoring center equipment how to control the big screen?

High-end users of the monitoring center most of the need for video wall display, in the network video surveillance system monitoring center through the digital decoding matrix for digital signal to analog signal conversion, and ultimately to the front-end equipment to switch to the TV wall.

2.How to install video server and PTZ,alarm equipment?

The role of the head is to make a fixed fixed camera rotation; and alarm equipment generally play a security role in the event of an exception to the electronic switch generated short circuit and open signal, the signal is captured, the video server can generate a local alarm The output signal can be a variety of target control; such as off-site linkage alarm, alarm signal remote transmission to the monitoring staff, causing the staff of the incident warning and can be based on the actual situation to make the corresponding alarm processing

3.Can different manufacturers video server connect to different manufacturers network video surveillance system platform?

At present,the manufacturers of video server equipment can only access to the interface has been docked through debugging, because the terminal interface has not completely industry standards, so temporarily can not fully realize the terminal manufacturers and any platform docking.

4.Super low illumination camera and infrared led

First, you must choose the suitable lens. In order to improve the sensitivity of the camera to the infrared led and the sensitivity, as far as possible the use of large light through the lens, and pay attention to the use of auto iris or electric. Sencond, for variable lens, as far as possible to open a large aperture drive level value. Because the general increase with the focal length of the lens, the amount of light will be relatively reduced in the choice of infrared light to stay in a certain margin, and pay attention to the infrared lamp nominal indicators.

Second, the infrared led optional power supply should be as much as possible to meet the minimum required electric power, frequent exposure distance is not enough.

Third, to consider the degree of reflection of the camera scene, because the infrared light with the same visible light, such as reflection, refraction and other characteristics, so the target scene around if there is no good reflective environment (such as buildings, walls, signs) should be considered The distance margin.

5.What is Backlight Compensation (BLC)?

Backlight compensation is a feature that camera companies have been utilizing for some time now. When someone is say sitting in front of a window, or coming in from outside, there is a lot of natural light behind this person. When a camera is aimed in their direction, the camera is picking up all this natural light behind them, therefore the object or person in the foreground becomes very dark, almost silhouette like. Such video is not good for security personnel trying to determine who this person is.

BLC is a feature provided by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in a security camera that optimizes exposure in the foreground and background of security video. It splits the video scene into different regions, and uses a different exposure for each of these regions. It corrects regions with extremely high or low levels of light to maintain a normal and usable level of light for the object in focus. However, it is important to note that BLC has its limits when correcting exposure in situations where there is an extreme difference in light between the foreground and background. For best results, WDR has become the sought after feature.

1).Image Sensors

Image sensors are very important pieces of technology located within your security cameras. The image sensor is the component that captures the light hitting  your camera's lens, turning it into electrical signals which get recorded as video. The two types of sensors used with security cameras are CCD and CMOS sensors. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Below is a brief summary of each type, and you can find our more about CCD and CMOS image sensors.

2).CCD Sensors

CCD Sensors are prevalent in analog cameras specifically as a very high quality sensor.  These sensors are what make a Real WDR camera possible along with a DSP like Effio-V. Megapixel CCD sensors are very expensive and because of their cost, most high definition and IP cameras in the consumer market have CMOS sensors instead. This is unfortunate as CMOS sensors lack some features that are only available in CCD sensors. CCD sensors have the highest light sensitivity available, but aren't best for every application. CCD sensors are capable of holding a large signal in any individual pixel and a very low read noise, meaning they have a much larger dynamic range than CMOS sensors. While CMOS may be better for speed related applications, CCD sensors are much better for applications where low noise is needed, specially in low light..

3).CMOS Sensors

As already stated, most HD and IP cameras are now using CMOS sensors.  CMOS sensors have some advantages and drawbacks when compared to CCD sensors. The rate they can convert images to digital data is much faster than what CCD sensors can provide, so overall they are much faster. They also require lower voltage and have lower power consumption. Unfortunately they generate a lot of electrical noise, leading to a sometimes grainier image. Many manufacturers are incorporating different technologies into their cameras to aid with this however. Also, Real WDR is not available in CMOS sensors at this time, and this is why DWDR and similar techniques are employed through the DSP.

WODSEE is one of the best sahdpt-tf night vision optical zoom surveillance hd analog cctv ahd sped dome camera manufacturers and suppliers and we have one of the famous brands. You can buy or wholesale high quality and newest products with CE certification from our factory.

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